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Pursue Your Passions in 2023

I am Jude. The new year is already upon us and I don’t know about you but I am excited about 2023.

I understand that we will all experience our fair share of adversity, disappointment and struggle in the coming months. 

Pain, uncertainty and unexpected change are unavoidable elements of the human condition. 

However, I am convinced that it will also be full of joy and abundance. Especially, if we pursue our passions. 

This means, continuing to Break Free from self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and remaining committed to Being Better.

It requires reflection, self-awareness and candid conversations with yourself about who you are and who you want to be. 

In effect, it mandates cleaning your internal mirror and seeing your true reflection, and that’s always uncomfortable. We have to do the work.

However, for me, it’s absolutely necessary. 

I believe we have to challenge flawed and ineffective thinking patterns and establish new ones. They limit our growth and encourage us to remain small.

And while these narratives offer the illusion of comfort and control, they are simply that, an illusion.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, there is something inside of us that knows when we could, and should be doing more. 

It reminds us when we aren’t using our unique skills and abilities or living a life aligned with our divine purpose.

Everytime we compromise or settle, there is a cost. We dim our light.

There are internal consequences but denial, excuses, distractions and procrastination also rob the world of our innate talents and untapped potential.

Unfortunately, what seems to get lost in all of this is that tomorrow is promised to no one. Our time here is brief and unpredictable. 

Every new day is truly a blessing. 

All that we have, including the precious gift of life, can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

However, rather than scare us, that should inspire us to move beyond our comfort and complacency into action.

Our mortality is a constant reminder that we don’t have the luxury of apathy and indifference. 

Instead, we need to be dedicated to constantly becoming a better version of ourselves and that includes pursuing the things that truly make us happy.

I encourage you to explore your innate interests and abilities in 2023. Find ways to pursue them with more intention.

I am confident that both the practice and the process will lead to more joy and fulfillment. I know its working for me. I am Jude.

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