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The Cold Water Challenge

I am Jude. I took a plunge in the ocean at Rushton’s Beach over the weekend. 

I completed this cold water challenge with a retired colleague, who incidentally seems to be enjoying retirement way too much.

The assignment was simple. Find a location relatively close and get into the water. However, the execution was a little more complicated. 

Nothing is ever simple.

The place we chose was about 45 minutes away and once we got there we realized that the public access road was closed and the boardwalk was washed out. Nice. 

This required us to walk through a shallow spring to get to the beach. 

It was also low tide when we got there which meant we had to wade out into the water a fair distance before it came up to our thighs. Thankfully there wasn’t any wind or waves but it was still a test.

We went for two short dips and I was pleasantly surprised that the second one was easier than the first. 

The water temperature was 2.9C and it took the rest of the day to get warmth back in my fingers and toes again but anything worthwhile generally has a cost. 

As usual, my angst and apprehension were unwarranted. It wasn’t near as bad as I anticipated.

The experience justified the discomfort. 

Why would I purposely jump into the ocean in April? 

Because it was invigorating. My whole body felt alive.

I believe in the physiological benefits of cold water. I began taking cold showers over a year ago and it has become part of my daily regimen. 

There is research that it can improve circulation and relieve depression, inflammation and joint pain. I am a believer. 

Most importantly though, it provided an opportunity to challenge myself with something uncomfortable.

It’s the same reason I have started journaling regularly and trying to get out walking or running by 5:30am seven days a week. 

I believe that we define ourselves through our everyday actions. I am convinced that my habits are contributing to my wellness and shaping the person I ultimately want to become.

I am slowly developing mental muscle and exploring new ways to Break Free and Be Better. I am happier than I have ever been, and that’s everything to me.

What small uncomfortable behaviours could YOU start today that would immediately improve your life?

Get outside, read a book, listen to a podcast or make better food choices….???

Simply create a plan and TAKE ACTION.

Improve your mental fitness through focus, discipline and consistent effort. 

The process will change your mind and transform your life. I promise you. I am Jude.

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