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BOOK OF JUDE – Mindful Revelations

A Life Well-Lived

I am Jude. My heart goes out to everyone grieving Angie’s transition and I offer my sincere condolences to the Parker family.

Death is never easy.

However, I have come to believe that there are gifts on the other side of grief. 

Angie has left a remarkable example on how to Live Well While Dying. 

Her courage, purpose and inspiration have created a lasting legacy. Among other things, she was an amazing mother, friend and role model and we each have our own special memories forever. 

She didn’t allow her diagnosis to limit her. In fact, for Angie, it became a call to action. 

She confronted ALS with Full Capacity Sparkle and inspired people around the world to Break Free and Be Better along the way.

She was a warrior, in the truest sense of the word.

Surprisingly, somewhere during this difficult process, she became my heroine. 

Not the romanticized version we normally see in movies, jumping over tall buildings and swooping in to save the day. 

Angie was so much more. 

She never stopped fighting or sought any sympathy, despite her condition. She simply showed up everyday without blame or complaint and put the work in. And it was hard work!

Imagine being in the advanced stages of this debilitating disease while raising teenage twin daughters, managing your home and trying to maintain your health and mental wellness. 

And if that wasn’t enough, she created a blog, began sharing her struggles and experiences and subsequently wrote Writing with My Eyes: Staying Alive While Dying in only two months, literally one blink at a time.

It’s incredible when you consider it. 

But she didn’t do it alone. That would have been impossible. She had a team of caregivers, close friends and family members who have selflessly supported her and the girls through this challenging process.  

There were two people in particular who demonstrated unwavering faith and dedication in this fight from the very start. 

Angie’s mother Carol, and her sister, Bev. 

They are both superheroines in their own right. 

Neither of them would ever want any public recognition for what they have done over the past five years but their care and uncommon commitment have inspired me, and many others, to Be Better.  

They have exemplified love through their everyday actions. 

Their devotion provided me with a regular reminder of the sacrifices and support I have received from my mother and all of the other important Black women in my life.

I have learned that our lives are measured by the quality of our relationships, how we respond to challenges, the level of joy and fulfillment we create for ourselves and others and whether we use our time well?

Using those metrics, AP lived an exceptional  life. 

Thank you for the lessons and for being a beacon of strength and light. I will miss your smile, your spirit and your dogged determination. 

You have left an indelible mark on the world and your memory will live on through the countless hearts and minds you touched. Your work is done here. 

The best part for me is that I am convinced that you have moved on to something better. Something that I no longer fear and accept as the natural next step in the human condition.

See you on the other side sister. I am Jude. 

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Angie was a beautiful young lady the best mother to her twin girls a beautiful daughter to her parents and loving sister to her brother and sister. She fought a long battle but she never gave up. God blessed her but God seen it was time to bring her home. What a beautiful legacy she left. She will never be forgotten to family and relatives and friends. RIP Angie.

Love this Jude! No truther words spoken. She was a hero to many. So many child hood memories with all of unfortunately we grow older. Love to u all ❤️

Nicely said Jude…indeed we will all see each other on the other side…..I wrote this for Angie…I used to woirk with her in Justice…( I use Nubian as to me it represents Black Princess, if it is offensive in any way let me know and I will change it
I had a friend, who was a Nubian Princess
Although at the time I did not know
As time passed certain things started to show
But adversity came to visit her
And Her lantern started to glow
Each month, and week passed it grew brighter
Day, by day, oh my such a show
Yet her Spirit seemed different, lighter I would say
So it went with each new challenge her raising to the task
Challenging us all ,to remove our false masks
She wrote so eloquently feeling’s bared and stripped
My dear sister I can barely handle this
I am not that well equipped
So now we find ourselves coming, looking to you
For inspiration and light
Then one day it happened It came out of the blue
The lantern burst suddenly into a million million sparkles
So bright I could not look directly into the blazing hue
Raising slowly I felt, sensed it waving, saying goodbye
Full capacity Sparkle raising into the sky
All is ok -everything is all right
I am moving on now from this earthly fight
Oh the things you taught us
I can barley share
I bow to your brightness and to your grace
I cannot look directly into your lantern without protecting my face
I knew a Nubian Princess
At the time, I did not know.
In loving memory, rl 2023

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