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I am Jude. I continue to run every morning. It’s been almost two months now with the exception of two much needed recovery days. 

There is no clear goal or anticipated outcome and I’m certainly not trying to prove anything to anyone, except maybe myself. 

One day I simply decided to start running and I haven’t felt the need to stop. 

First it was the month of December, then it was my age(52 days) and now I think it’s the end of February. I like the idea of commemorating African Heritage Month. We’ll see.

What is remarkable to me is that I am enjoying it. The weather has cooperated, I never curse or complain and I generally wake up looking forward to getting outside, regardless of the conditions. 

However, this week was different. It was the most challenging by far. 

I faced rain, snow, slippery sidewalks and I was sick. They all conspired to create the perfect storm of resistance, but I still ran. 

There certainly were no personal bests or long distance records, but I still ran. And as a recovering quitter that was big for me. 

I believe our actions define us. 

Every time I get up, put on my sneakers and get out there I’m casting a vote for the person I want to be. 

I love that metaphor. I believe it captures the concept of self-improvement perfectly.

The early morning run, mindful practices and blog posts are affirmations that encourage me to Break Free from self-limiting beliefs and continue trying to Be Better. 

When I do difficult and uncomfortable things, I demonstrate to myself that I can be disciplined, and determined regardless of the circumstances. 

And here’s the thing. 

Last week was tough. I thought about shutting things down and running inside until the spring.

But today was different. It was one of the best runs I had in months.

The conditions were perfect. The sun was shining, it was dry, the sky was full of color – and I was able to appreciate all of it.

It reminded me that running makes me happy and that this impromptu challenge is supporting my ongoing growth and mental wellness.

What else…

I am attempting to develop the same level of commitment and resilience in other aspects of my life. 

Unfortunately, some other changes are proving much more difficult. Emotions and relationships, for instance, are a little more complicated than exercise.

I realize I am very much a work in progress and I have a long way to go, but I am fully invested in redefining myself in the pursuit of a better life. One that is characterized by joy, fulfillment, peace and abundance.

There is no turning back. That’s non-negotiable.

I have seen the combined power of a positive mindset and consistent effort. Together they transform lives and create limitless possibilities.

In fact, I am living proof. 

Once I embraced optimism, became more deliberate about my decision-making and started putting in the work, everything changed.

All that was required was the first step and then the next. Incremental efforts create exponential results. 

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

What significant changes could you make in your life with the simple formula of belief, hard work and positivity?

I am confident it would transform you too.

Lets get it. I am Jude

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