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What I have learned from my Drink More Water Challenge

I am Jude. Objectively, I recognize the benefits of drinking water and understand its central importance to our overall health and wellness.

However, looking back over the last year I realized I wasn’t consistently getting enough water. 

So I decided to do something about it. 

In keeping with my New Year’s resolutions and my ongoing commitment to Be Better, I began a personal challenge to drink more water everyday, 3L to be exact. 

The Decision

I am convinced that the most important part of change is the decision to act. Once you decide that you want more and fully commit to DOING something about it, everything changes. 

It creates an internal shift that provides you with the required energy and determination to get started. 

And that’s exactly what I did.

I developed a plan and leaned into it. Ten short days later, it is fast becoming an established habit.

Here are 8 valuable lessons I have already learned in the process

  1. Reengineering your environment works 

When I began, I constantly needed to be reminded to drink water so I provided myself with visual triggers by leaving water bottles all around the house. I set up my environment to support the change I wanted to make and it made a significant difference.

How could you begin organizing the spaces you frequent to encourage new habits and stop bad ones? 

  1. It’s all in your Mind 

You believe what you repeatedly tell yourself. If you are constantly complaining about how much you hate water, it will be impossible to create a sustainable habit. However, if you begin considering the countless benefits of drinking water, it will encourage your efforts. 

Your success is directly related to your self-talk. Are you offering positivity and encouragement to yourself or scripting your own defeat?

  1. I am winning 

I am consistently exceeding my goal of drinking 3L of water everyday – and when I don’t, I’ll be good with it. I know I am doing much better that I was.

By simply creating some new habits and becoming more conscientious, drinking water is fast becoming a regular part of my daily routine. Its much less of a chore. In fact, I am enjoying it.

  1. It’s helping my diet

I am attempting to eat a little better this year. For me that includes, reducing my carbs and limiting what I eat after 8pm. Drinking water has helped on both counts. 

I feel full more often and I have begun reaching for water rather than food.

  1. Better gut health 

Drinking enough water contributes to good gut health and dramatically reduces constipation. Enough said. 

  1. Repetition reinforces habit

The more you repeat a habit the faster it becomes adopted. Because I have been drinking water every waking hour, it’s quickly becoming a regular habit. 

Get your reps in. The more often you do something, the more automatic the habit will become. 

  1. I don’t like cold water

It may sound odd but I don’t enjoy drinking cold water anymore. Not unless it’s hot outside or I’m overheated. I prefer warm water, especially if I am drinking it all of the time – but that’s me.

You may want to carbonate it, use flavoring or put in frozen fruit. Do whatever works for you – but do something.

  1. Find your tribe 

I enjoy connecting with other people who are attempting to Be Better. It provides me with energy and inspiration. Consequently, I enlisted several people to undertake the challenge with me. 

I appreciate hearing about their strategies and struggles. It also offers the benefit of mutual accountability and support. I need that, and so do most other people.

How can you find your tribe?

  1. I feel better

It’s probably all in my head but my overall mood seems to have improved. Whether its perception or reality is really irrelevant. I believe this new habit has real value and that’s all that matters. 

  1. I can do hard things

This ongoing challenge has provided another example that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. True, it’s a relatively small accomplishment and its only been 10 days.

But I am continuing to build muscle and gain confidence everytime I take on something new.


Our bodies are made up of about 60% water. Consequently, drinking adequate amounts of water is required for the healthy function of our bodies and minds. Dehydration can cause fatigue, anxiety, memory difficulty, decreased ability to concentrate and headaches.

So what is getting in the way?

For me, the hardest part was making the decision to take action. Since I committed, it’s been relatively easy. Imagine that.

All that was required was a SMART plan, a willingness to take the first step and determination. 

More importantly, it is demonstrating that anything can be accomplished with the appropriate tools, strategies and intentions.

If we want to have more, we have to become more. There are no shortcuts. Change requires action. 

With this in mind, what habits could you develop to Break Free and Be Better?

Progress, purpose and a happier life are closer than you think. I am Jude. 

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