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Challenging Trails, Rewarding Journeys

I am Jude. Since the pandemic, my wife and I have been touring Nova Scotia on hybrid bicycles using the well groomed network of easy-riding rail trails throughout the province.

This year, we decided to invest in new mountain bikes for tackling more challenging trails. I didn’t give it much thought, to be honest.

How much more difficult could it be, right?


What I have quickly realized is that mountain biking is much more demanding than I anticipated. We have been on some rugged terrain before but these trails have offered another level of intensity.

The places I have gone so far this spring have been mountainous with rocks and roots, steep declines and tight turns.

Despite taking the beginner level trails, each one has been an adventure, requiring focus, stamina and some courage. There have also been a number of spectacular falls that have left me with bumps and bruises all over my body, and my ego. It’s been intense and quite humbling.

And I have loved every minute of it.

Why wouldn’t I?

I am spending quality time with my wife doing something we enjoy together, I am outside in natural landscapes seeing beautiful vistas and I am testing myself mentally and physically.

The rides have also led to some interesting interactions with fellow bikers and even a guided tour of the trails at Keppoch Mountain by one of the important volunteers. Special thanks to Greg Stewart.

These new experiences serve as a powerful reminder of the rewards that come from stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I encourage you to do the same. Break Free and Be Better.

Explore your passions and personal interests. Try something new, push through self-imposed limits, and embrace the struggle. You’ll be surprised at how your everyday efforts can transform both you and the quality of your life.

What is one small thing you could you do today to challenge your personal growth and development?

If you are stuck, don’t know where to begin or could benefit from some external support, inspiration and accountability, I might be able to assist.

Contact me today.! Determine if life coaching with Unshackled Solutions Coaching and Consulting can help you Break Free from self-imposed barriers and unlock your full potential.

Your goals and aspirations are closer than you think. Remember:

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Martin Luther King Jr.

I am Jude.

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