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Stop Overthinking and Get Out of Your Head

I am Jude. We all suffer from overthinking. We get consumed with comparison, rumination and self-doubt which ultimately results in unnecessary stress. This affects our moods, leeches our energy and generally makes life more difficult. 

But there’s good news. We can get out of our heads!

There are strategies we can employ to challenge the endless judgment and self-criticism that we all subject ourselves to.

We can calm our minds and create more contentment.

Here are five practices that are making a significant difference for me and my well-being. All that they require are your intention and awareness.

I struggle with them daily – and so will you, because although they are all simple, they certainly aren’t easy. 

The upside is that they can literally transform your life. Give them a try, I promise they are well worth the effort and more.

1. Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools you can use to become more present and aware of your thinking and emotions. Period. 

By learning to observe your thoughts without judgement, you can begin allowing them to come and go more freely without getting caught up in negativity and emotion. 

Most of the time, your mind is lost in the past or is forecasting the future. Mindfulness interrupts your thinking and encourages you to focus on the now.

2. Challenge Your Thoughts:

Overthinking often stems from distorted and negative thinking patterns. Begin challenging harmful thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Question their source and validity. 

Is there any evidence to support your thinking or is it based on questionable assumptions and perception? Most of the time, it’s the latter. 

3. Focused Breathing:

Whenever you find yourself in your head. Take a moment to focus on your breathe. 

It requires no instruction or special abilities. Just draw your attention to your breathing, and return it there when it inevitably wanders. 

It provides you the opportunity to slow down and ground yourself. This in turn, offers you a chance to clear your mind or redirect your attention.

My breathing practice is straight-forward and uncomplicated. I simply close my eyes, inhale through my nose, exhale a little more slowly out of my mouth and repeat as necessary. That’s it! 

For me, it’s much more about making it a meaningful daily practice than how I am doing it or for how long.

4. Shift Your Thinking:

Overthinking often involves negative and unhelpful thoughts. In order to Break Free from pointless and unhealthy rumination, you need to become an interruptor.

Whenever you find yourself lost in self-criticism, comparison, or assumptions, make a conscious decision to shift them to more positive and constructive thoughts. 

It’s much easier said than done but I encourage you to make a commitment to changing the channel. Replace obsessive and unproductive thoughts with ones that motivate, affirm, inspire you to Be Better. 

Remember, when you change your thinking, you change everything. 

5. Increase your Level of  Gratitude:

When you find yourself caught in a spiral of overthinking, turn up the dial of gratitude. It has the ability to drown out negative thoughts and remind us of what’s truly important. 

Take a moment to reflect on all the good in your life. It should be easy, as the list is endless. 

By cultivating gratitude, you can shift your focus from everything that is wrong with your life to the bounty of blessings all around you. Life looks very differrent from that perspective.


Overthinking is a universal challenge. It is an unavoidable struggle. However, I am also convinced that we can change how we experience our thoughts. We can quiet our inner critic and create more joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Make no mistake, it takes time and conscious attention. In fact, it is a lifelong pursuit, but I promise you, it is well worth the effort and more! I am Jude.

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