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Chapter VII- Passion

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I am Jude. I believe that each of us possess passion. These are the strong desires that inspire our interests, shape our behaviours and influence how we interact with the world. Our passions shape our decisions, and by extension our lives. As a result, we are often drawn to particular peer groups, professions or activities.

Our passion is evident in our words and actions. It brings us joy and fulfillment. In fact, it is something we may even do for free. So how do we know when we have found our passion? I believe it becomes apparent when we literally come alive while doing it. When time seems to stand still while you are engaged in it, and you find yourself thinking about it when you are not.  

Passion is in our soul like electricity in a home. You simply need to flip the switch, once you know where it is. It is the undercurrent for discipline, motivation and effecting change. It provides the kinetic energy to push through resistance and adversity. It allows you to BREAK FREE AND BE BETTER.

Sadly, passions can be stifled and smothered by denial and inattention. They can be eclipsed by the overwhelming demands of life. Luckily for us, these intense feelings can be revived through fortune and circumstance or deliberate care and commitment. They are always waiting to be called on and actioned. 

Your passions will ebb and flow, They will change and evolve. They can be lifelong companions that center and direct our lives or surface unexpectedly. Sometimes they promote growth and development and sometimes they need to be harnessed or redirected.

You can set the world on fire when you live out your passions. No-one else possesses your unique traits, perspective or insights. They are ‘Spirit’ endowed gifts and have the potential to inspire others.

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Defining Passion

There is a notable distinction between ‘being passionate about something’ and ‘living passionately’. Being passionate involves having an intense focus on a particular aspect of life. Living passionately requires an investment of energy and emotion in every single thing that you do. 

I believe that it is incumbent on all of us to live our lives with passion and enthusiasm while also pursuing our proverbial purpose. Combined, they provide a catalyst for greater happiness and fulfillment. 

Follow your passions but not in the traditional sense of searching for them but in discovering them in the things that you do. Allow them to awaken in you, and once you are in tune with them, let them direct you. They have the power to lead you to places, people and things you never imagined. 

I am still defining and trying to realize some my passions but I know I enjoy helping others. I have had a lifelong passion for working on behalf of Afrikan people, coaching and mentoring young adults. 

I am curious and love to learn new things. I have begun pursuing personal interests such as writing and getting out in nature with more vigour and focus. Entrepreneurship has become my latest personal obsession and I am committed to exploring business and self-employment.

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It is our mission to follow our passions. When we do we become shining examples for others. We control how and where our passions are manifested. Find activities and interests that excite you and work to invest yourself completely in everything you do. Your efforts will lead to extraordinary revelations and new realities. 


Side Hustle Update

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I have officially registered my business as Unshackled Solutions – Life coaching and Personal Consulting. No, I am not ready to hang a shingle out just yet, but this is an important milestone and another significant step towards self-employment. It’s BIG deal for me.

I am continuing my independent study. I am familiarizing myself with the theory, fundamentals and practical strategies related to Life Coaching. I am also still considering virtual programs throughout Canada and the US to obtain some formal training. It is an unregulated field and there is not a lot of trustworthy direction out there. 

Next to explore: basic accounting, marketing, online business essentials…….

Your Next Best Read – The Entrepreneur  Roller Coaster

Most small businesses fail. This book chronicles the wild ride of entrepreneurship, what to expect and how to be successful. It’s an interesting read and it provides practical tools, keen insights and an accompanying PDF workbook to action your business plan. 

Positive Reflections – What’s Good?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be part of some memorable sports teams, partnerships, cohorts and committees. Groups that have accomplished some amazing things. When the conditions are right, there is nothing better than collaborating with others to realize a common goal. Like winning the 2021 Eastern Canadian Basketball Classic. Go Cougars!

Team success requires open communication, identified outcomes and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. They are characterized by active leadership, and collective accountability. Team members willingly support one another and everyone makes a  meaningful contribution to something bigger than themselves. These groups are goal-oriented and offer diverse skills, abilities and perspectives. They are dedicated to the grind and get the job done.  

I have realized that working with others and being a part of something bigger than myself are fundamental values for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues working independently and I am grateful when my individual efforts are acknowledged.

I would just personally choose to problem-solve and complete tasks with others than to work alone. For instance, I would favor being part of a coaching partnership rather than managing a team by myself, even if it means I’m not the head coach. I just prefer collective action and team success.

Public Service Announcement

I am making some meaningful changes in my life and I am earnestly trying to stay upbeat and move forward. However, I want to re-emphasize very clearly that I struggle in my efforts to Be Better. I am trying to live more intentionally but the shit is hard and I fail daily – sometimes hourly.

There are aspects in my life that remain and may forever be a work in progress. There are frustrations, poor decisions and disappointments aplenty, I promise you. So don’t get caught up in the posts and positive attitude, I have constant self-doubt and I still have a lot of work to do. I am simply determined to stay the course and fake it until I make it. I am Jude. 

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